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Franco Nones was the first Italian to break the wall of the giant Vikings. On February 7th, 1968 he marks a turning point in the world of skiing, that until that moment was undisputed realm of the giants from Sweden, Norway, Finland and Russia.


The little Italian, as he was called by the press of the time, with his iron determination wins the Olympic gold medal in the 30 km classic technique in Grenoble and shocks the whole ski-movement of the time. The victory in the Olympics was just the icing on the cake for a successful career. He wasn't very popular in Italy because the Italian public was more interested in other sports, but the Scandinavians were keeping an eye on him, especially in 1967 pre-Olympic year, that sees Nones never below the fourth place of the charts.

Franco was raised in a small mountain village, third of eight children, used to fatigue of fields and manual work, common among the people of 'Val di Fiemme'. He was passionate about sports that require a large input of energy such as cycling. Sport has always been part of Franco's life, who takes every opportunity to measure himself and his limits. During the period spent working as a laborer in a factory in Doladizza, village at 15 km from his house, he used to face the path by riding a bicycle, especially the uphill return where he used to challenge the locomotive train, winning 9 out of 10 times. During the years of training and racing in the Scandinavian countries he met the Swedish Inger. The spark between them was immediate and after a few years they got married and settled in Castello di Fiemme, Franco's birthplace.


You can say that starting from the winter season 2014-2015 the Nones family returns back home: in fact the central part of the Hotel is built on what was the family's first house (built between 1967 and '69, and by them inhabited until 1975). With the growth of the sporting goods import and sale business at the store Nones Sport, Franco and Inger decided to turn their first house into an hotel. The given name olympic hotel was chosen after the suggestion of a dear friend Vladimir Pacl.

Opened on December 8th, 1984, after 30 years today, the hotel has been extensively refurbished and is now the only 4 star hotel in Castello di Fiemme.


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